Professional Credits for TV, Youtube etc

I’ve provided animation and character design on numerous TV programs, Netflix series and Youtube channels. Here are just a couple of examples.

Oliver’s Adventures S1-3



Animated Explainer Videos for Clients

I provided the character design, art and animation on these two explainer videos. All I need is a sound clip, and I can take on the rest.

Animated Explainer Video-”Success”

Animated Explainer Video- “Money Saving Tips”

Motion Graphics for Clients

I’ve created numerous motion graphics, advertisements and video memes. Here are some examples…

Demo collection of Motion Graphics 1

Demo Collection of Motion Graphics 2

Animated video-dancing to the 80s




Personal Projects

Although I spend most of my time creating for others, I occasionally like to make my own stuff…

Animated video-Delivery Dood

Animated Video-Cougar Man



*Original company names removed though references are available upon special request!


Contact us for more information and quotes!






Engagement videos/advertisements don’t always need to be short and simple. Some can also be a little longer to strike at the heart of your fanbase. Here is one we created that had some traction.



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